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#LifeinXLAxiata is a family. As a family, we believe that every member is matters. We are never let anyone behind and helping each other grower. ​ Here in XL Axiata, We are also your Home.
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XL Axiata Community
Imagine connecting with your colleagues even after work and bring the best relations, back to work!
XL Axiata
Da Bikes
Like the tagline of community, You Will Never Bike Alone, yup! You will always find a pack of cyclists, here.
XL Axiata
Run together to build a healthy habit through running!
XL Axiata
Those who play unselfish, play together and play hard!​
XL Axiata
Covering music or just hanging around for jamming new songs? You are in the right club!
( Majelis Ta'lim XL )
Being religious doesn't mean you can't enjoy this world. Insha Allah we can support your work, life balance, spiritual and helpful for others.
XL Axiata
Futsal & Football
Kicking something is always fun! Join the club!
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Fitness Center
IoT Lab
Food Court
Day Care Kid Zone
Personal Locker
Collaboration Room
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We believe sustainability is our common future, that's why XL Axiata designed a road map to turn this company into a sustainable company. The goal of sustainable development becomes a frame of reference for XL Axiata to design sustainable development goals as a reference frame for XL Axiata to design strategies and carry out its operational activities. Furthermore, we have structured dynamic sustainability programs and activities under the four pillars of sustainability of the 4P Sustainability Framework.
Building Prosperity
Nurturing People
Process Excellent
Planet & Society
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