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Solution & Project Delivery




  1. Manage implementation of the projects that consist of planning, execution, monitoring & control, and  until closing of the projects.
  2. Ensure the projects running as scheduled, within budget, within scope, achieve the quality requirement, and achieve the goals as objective of the projects.
  3. Ensure the new network element can be integrated seamless with the existing network.
  4. Manage communication channels among the stakeholders (internal & external of the company) of the projects to ensure the projects can be run properly, smoothly  and with manageable risk.
  5. Manage and review relationship among the projects to other  Project Managers in order to support each other,
  6. Manage project risks, issues and corrective actions.
  7. Manage and Review of project administration closing, including approved projects commercial acceptance certificate and manage data to support asset tracking.
  8. Manage and ensure the projects can be accepted by related stakeholders (customer of the division)
  9. Manage inputs to related projects stakeholders in order to improve the implementation of the projects




1. Bachelor Degree

2. Job Experience for 5 years

3. Well Know about IT and Network Telco Infrastructure

4. Managing Project & Budget

5. Quality Control Skill

6. Certification Project Management

Employment Status:  Permanent (P)

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